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The Gospel of Mark Word for Word Bible Comic: A Review

As a Bible Gateway Blogger Grid member, I received a complimentary electronic copy of The Gospel of Mark:Word for WordBible Comic: NIV Translation in exchange for an honest review.

The Word for Word Bible Comic is a graphic novel series created using the New International Version (NIV).

The unique features of this graphic novel series include:

1. Historical

The creators have sought to maintain accurate depictions of historical periods through research and biblical scholarship.

2. Unabridged

These Bible comics use the entire text of Scripture, with no part of the story omitted.

3. “Untamed”

This series does not avoid issues the Bible itself addresses, including adult themes. However, it never presents nudity or lustful scenes. Each comic includes an age advisory.

4. Multilingual

Available in English and Spanish.

The Gospel of Mark Word for Word Bible Comic begins with a brief historical introduction and an explanation of how the biblical text is treated. Then the story of Jesus is presented beginning with the message of John the Baptist.

The eye-catching graphics design is integrated perfectly with the written text. Conversations between characters are well-defined and easy to follow in speech bubbles. The story and narration flow clearly without confusion. The visual presentation of this Gospel helps engage the reader throughout the life of Jesus and causes the message of Mark to come alive. I also love the Scriptural references provided in the lower right-hand corner.

This graphic novel includes additional resources after the Gospel concludes. These pages address:

1. Who wrote the Gospel of Mark?

2. How the illustrator designed Jesus

3. Clothing for Jewish men from the time period

4. The process of harmonizing events from the Gospels

5. The process involved in making a page in the comic

6. Research on the Temple

7. Research on the crucifixion

8. Designing Herod Antipas

9. Distinguishing the various Marys found in the Gospel

10. The cover design

11. Fishing boats in Galilee

12. What is the Gospel?

13. The Pharisees and Sadducees

14. Types of soldiers

15. How to become a Patron and support this project As a Bible student and a Bible teacher, I highly recommend The Gospel of Mark: Word for Word Bible Comic and this graphic novel series for adults and age-appropriate readers (12+ and 15+). This presentation of the Bible has something to offer both the novice and seasoned Bible reader. It is historically precise and faithful to the text. I think it is a great tool to read the Bible individually or in a group.

To order your copy and see what other books of the Bible are available, go to

This project is currently in the process of crowdfunding $20,000 for our forthcoming title The Gospel of Luke. Kickstarter link: The Gospel of Luke

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