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The Journey of Advent Review

Day 23 Monday, December 25th

Yesterday, we came to the conclusion of Advent. In reflecting over the past 22 days, we have considered a significant amount in a short period of time.

We have addressed some preliminary aspects of the Messiah’s arrival including:

The first promise of hope of the Messiah from Genesis 3

Elements of Israel’s history as God’s people awaiting the Messiah

The need for the coming of a Messiah to bring salvation, deliverance, and redemption

The Messiah as Immanuel—”God with us”

His genealogy containing some ancestors with questionable backgrounds

God’s perfect timing in the coming of the Messiah

During the birth narratives, we considered the following characters:

Zechariah Simeon

Joseph Anna

Mary Herod

Elizabeth Gabriel

John the Baptist The Magi

The Shepherds

We have answered these questions when considering the Advent Scriptures:

What does the passage reveal about God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit)?

What does the passage reveal about humans in their fallen or redeemed state?

In light of the first two questions, how can the passage impact our lives and our world today?

We have considered the following biblical themes (some more than once):

Old Testament prophecy and fulfillment

Old Testament character parallels in the New Testament

The typological correspondence of Jesus’ life to certain people and events in Israel’s history

The unifying story of the Old Testament and the New Testament

God’s sovereignty

The work of the Holy Spirit in the coming of the Messiah

God working through the least likely persons

The New Exodus

Humility and pride

Rejoicing and song

The historicity of Christianity

The “good news”

The incarnation-God becoming flesh

Christ’s suffering predicted

Jesus' humanity and his humility

His exaltation

I hope that reflection on Scripture in this daily Advent devotional has caused you to journey with your Savior in both familiar and unfamiliar ways. I trust it has provided new insights and reminded you of things you had forgotten. I hope you have considered the coming of Christ to this earth, his advent in your own life, and his imminent Second Advent.

Blessings this Christmas!

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