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Introduction to the book of Titus

We will now spend time studying the book of Titus.

Pastoral Letters

-Titus, along with 1 and 2 Timothy, became known as Paul’s pastoral letters.

-This designation was given because they demonstrate pastoral care for their younger recipients, Titus and Timothy.

-Additionally, they deal with pastoral issues for the care of the Christian community.

-In the pastoral letters, there are numerous parallels, specifically between 1 Timothy and Titus. These will be identified throughout this study.


-In Titus 1:1, Paul identified himself as the author of this pastoral letter.

-He was in Nicopolis. -He wanted Titus to come to him for winter when Artemas or Tychicus arrived (Titus 3:12).


What do we know about Titus?

-He was a Gentile Christian (Gal. 2:3) and a traveling companion and co-worker with Paul (Gal 2:1, 2 Cor. 8:23).

-He was known as a “true son in their common faith” (Tit. 1:4).

-He was involved in ministry to the Corinthian church (2 Cor. 12:18).

-Here in this letter, we know he remained in Crete to appoint leaders in the various cities.

The Island of Crete

-It was the most significant and southernmost island in the Aegean Sea.

-It was about 156 miles across from east to west (approximately the driving distance from Orlando, FL to Jacksonville, FL).

-It was known to have a Jewish population from the 2nd century B.C.

-We know there were those from Crete in Jerusalem at Pentecost (Acts 2:11).

-We also know Paul passed through Crete in Acts 27.

-The church communities needed leadership.


-We don't know precisely when Titus was written.

-Since the pastoral letters were written at the end of his life, they were probably written around A. D. 64-66.

General Outline

-Greeting 1:1-4

-Concerning Elders 1:5-9

-Concerning false teachers 1:10-16

-Concerning various groups in the congregation 2

-Concerning all believers 3

A Few General Themes

-Establishing leadership

-Guarding against false teaching

-Living out the Christian life

Today, pray God will speak to you through your study of Titus.

Pray God will bring about transformation in your life by his Spirit. Pray he will renew your mind.

Monday, this study officially begins. This weekend, take some time to read through the book of Titus in its entirety. This won't take long because it is only three short chapters. Read through it more than once. If you have an opportunity, read through it in different translations.

Enjoy your journey through Titus!

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