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The NASB Adventure Bible Review

As a Bible Gateway Blogger Grid member, I received a complimentary copy of the NASB Adventure Bible in exchange for an honest review.

The Adventure Bible, the bestselling Bible for kids, is now available in the New American Standard Bible Version (NASB, 1995 Text).

The NASB has been around since the latter half of the twentieth century. This version uses the formal equivalent method, which means it translates “word-for-word from the original languages (Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek) as much as possible” ( This approach is combined with the desire to produce an accurate and readable version.

The strength of the NASB translation, plus the features of the Adventure Bible, make this an ideal choice for the young Bible reader.

Exciting features that aid in the Bible adventure:

  • A colorful and eye-catching presentation throughout the biblical text, including 20 full-colored glossy pages with essential information

  • Basic information for the new Bible user in the beginning

  • An understandable presentation of the gospel answering, "How to know you are a Christian"

  • A thorough explanation of the unique features

  • Each biblical book answers introductory questions about authorship, date, location, important characters, key stories, or essential teachings

  • Words to Treasure-great Scriptures to memorize

  • Did you Know?-fascinating facts to increase Bible knowledge

  • Life in Bible Times-short articles and illustrations of life in the ancient biblical world

  • People in Bible Times-additional information about biblical characters

  • Live it!-practical activities to help apply the message of Scripture

  • A topical Index

  • A dictionary-concordance

  • Maps of the Bible land

I highly recommend the NASB Adventure Bible for upper elementary and middle school students. It will genuinely take young people on an adventurous journey through God's Word, and they will grow in their faith as a result. It's a perfect gift idea for parents, churches, and Christian schools with an attractive presentation page on the very first page. Let the adventure begin!

To order, click here.

The NASB Adventure Bible is published by Zonderkidz, the children's division of Zondervan, and the special features were written by Christian education expert Lawrence O. Richard.


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