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Everday for Advent December 3rd-24th

This blog exists to help Christians understand the Bible so they can apply it in every area of life. In other words, the goal is to live this vertical life with hearts and minds set on things above.
         -Colossians 3:1-2  

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Any reader of the Bible can grasp the essentials of the Christian faith and respond to the gospel message.

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Then, to grow in your faith requires reading and studying the Bible more seriously. Questions about history, literature, language, and culture are some of the challenges to fully understanding the Bible.

At the same time, answers to these questions cause us to ask, “How do we apply this to our world today?”

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This Bible blog considers these first-century issues, in order to apply the message as twenty-first-century Christians. In short, we start with the then-and-there and move to the here-and-now.

Come on this journey to study the Bible verse by verse and be transformed to live this vertical life!

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